​Medicine Men, and the Cultural Barriers to Good Care

Ardith and Cheri Endometrial Cancer and Leukemia
Sisters Ardith & Cheri
Endometrial Cancer & Leukemia
Battled Cancer Together
Nonprofit Resources
For Native Americans

In our conversation we discuss each of the sisters’ stories of battling cancer together as well as their goals for collecting resources for their Native American community.

The symptoms surrounding Ardith’s Endometrial cancer began when she was a college student. At first, she noticed irregularities in her menstrual cycle. But, doctors weren’t concerned. Still, Ardith knew something was wrong. Her health issues continued for 4 years. “No one knew anything,” she says. “At the time, it was all very confusing.” After a blood transfusion and a biopsy Ardith received a diagnosis: Endometrial Cancer. “A sigh of relief went through my body,” she says. “To finally know that I was not crazy. I knew something was wrong. And to finally feel that I was justified and correct and that we could get this fixed after so much stress and anxiety...”

Our conversation moves from Ardith’s diagnosis and treatment to her sister Cheri’s simultaneous battle with Leukemia. It’s a sister story about trusting your instincts, supporting loved ones in the struggle against disease, and tireless advocacy for a community in need.

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