Stage 4 Lung Cancer thriver & mom to a 3-year-old
told she has only a few months to live. 
Australian medical system says, 
'they have nothing for her'
so she takes matters into her own hands
to seek holistic methods.

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Kate Malvenan
Stage IV Lung Cancer Thriver & Mom
Was Told She Has Limited Time; Defies Odds
In October, 2018, Kate was 39 and a single parent of a two year old. She was living a healthy lifestyle and exercising, but had chest pain. Doctors thought it was bronchitis. But a chest x-ray and CT scan pointed to cancer. Kate took it on the chin. She met with friends over wine and figured it was another misdiagnosis. However, additional tests revealed Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

Kate knew nothing about cancer. Doctors gave her 6-24 months to live. She jumped into Chemo and Radiation. However, doctors were clear that her cancer was terminal. Western medicine had no further solutions to offer. Family flew in from England to support Kate. Friends gathered around her. What happens next? What about Kate’s daughter? Kate’s story takes her from treatment in Australia to an amazing clinic in Mexico, then back to Australia.

Come along with us as she shares her fast-moving, hard-to-imagine ongoing story of survival!

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