Day 1: Monday | 5th August
Josephine Guzman
Finding Myself, Single After Cancer

Barbara Muller Bowen Cancer Survivor
Barbara Bowen
Discussion With Her Husband about Caretaking

Yoko Katz
Founder of Heal in Heels
Discusses How Fashion Can Help Us Heal

Eden Bertrang Cancer Survivor
Eden Bertrang
Discussion On Moving Through Fear

Day 2: Tuesday | 6th August
Reverend Pat Bodenhamer
Discusses How To Share Your Cancer Diagnosis With A Congregation; How to Celebrate the Milestones Using Humor

Nichole Wouters Cancer Thriver
Nichole Wouters
Living with Stage 4 Cancer and Retaining Your Sense of Self -
Discusses Being yourself through stage 4 cancer, Explains what Gamma Knife Treatment and T-Cell Therapy is, What to say to someone with Stage 4 cancer

Ardith and Cheri Endometrial Cancer and Leukemia
Sisters Ardith & Cheri
Medicine Men, and the Cultural Barriers to Good Care

Leslie Tysseling
Growing Beyond the Trauma of Cancer

Day 3: Wednesday | 7th August
Andrea Liliana Griffiths Cancer Survivor
Andrea Griffiths
Latina Veteran Speaks About Writing As Therapy And What To Say To Young Kids When You Have Cancer

Jenn Korican
Fighting For Two - Pregnant with Breast Cancer
Emily Garnett
How We Talk About Cancer Matters

Vanessa Steil
Thyroid Cancer Survivor and Advocate Founder, Living in Steil
Day 4: Thursday | 8th August
Ali Shapiro
"Why Am I Always Anxious?"
 Discussion Surrounding Stress and Anxiety Including What We Eat and Why

Molly Young
Dating After Cancer and Her Lip Sync Project The Unsinkable Molly Grace

Lauren Chiarello
Building Community, Changing Lives

Dorkys Ramos
2x Breast Cancer Survivor & Founder Of Porcupine Hugs
Discusses Recurrence + Taking Time For Yourself

Day 5: Friday | 9th August
Francesca "Chip" Dials
Two Diagnosis, One Proposal 
2x Survivor Discusses Feelings When We Have Recurrence, Finding Love During Treatment, and Family Planning After Cancer

Tiffany Dyba
The Originator of Hip Hop Chemo
Discusses How Survivorship Can Be A Dirty Word

Lauren Wood is Head of Patient Experience and Corporate Communications at Immunomedics.
Lauren Wood
Creating 'Humanly': A Digital Community Engagement Platform For People Impacted By Cancer

Kate Malvenan
Stage 4 Lung Cancer Thriver and Mom to a 3-year-old Was Told She Has Only a Few Months to Live. Australian Medical System Says 'they have nothing for her' So She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands To Seek Holistic Methods

Day 6: Saturday | 10th August
Patti Iliev and Marquina Iliev-Piselli Glam Chemo
Patti Iliev & Marquina Iliev-Piselli
Mother & Daughter Duo
Discuss The Glam Chemo Project 

Linda Carey
13-year Metastatic Thriver and Co-Founder of The Tutu Project 
Discusses Vulnerability, Isolation, & Humor In Her Work

Sarah DiMuro
I Had A Baby, Then I Got Breast Cancer 
Video Blogger from Rethink Breast Cancer Discusses Surrogacy
Bianca Muinz
Two Time Survivor (Ovarian & Breast Cancer) and 24 Year Old Singer-Songwriter Discusses How She Continued To Tour During Treatment + Handling Unsupportive Relationships 

Day 7: Sunday | 11th August
Rebecca Milman Marsh
Discusses Conversing with Your Child About Cancer

Katie Goodman
Jump Start Your Creativity - The 8 Tools of Improv Comedy and How You Can Apply Them To Everyday Life

Lara Zielin
Discusses The Power of Writing Your Own Story
Chaitenya Razdan
Care+Wear Is Redefining The Patient Experience. While A Lot Of Apparel Patients Are Provided Has Focused On Function, Care+Wear Also Focuses On Fashion And tThe Impact Of How The Clothes You’re Wearing Make You Feel

Day 8: Monday | 12th August
Lexi Quintero
Perspective as a Daughter of a Survivor
Founder of Lumpy Cards

Bridget Walker
Author and Therapist
Discusses Anxiety Management and Cognitive Behavior Therapies 

Lauree Ostrofsky
Stop Apologizing It Was Difficult For You Too

Heather Hansen
Finding Your Inner Strength, Choosing Your Team, Quieting Your Lizard Brain --
Good For Those Who Are Newly Diagnosed, But Also Survivors/Metavivors Who Are Struggling With What's Next

Day 9: Tuesday | 13th August
LaTonya Davis
Breast Cancer Took Her Mother And Sister, Then It Came Looking For Her. 
Host Of The Podcast The Breast Talk Ever

Joni Rodgers
Bestselling Author
Discusses How Writing Saved Her Life, Dealing with Recurrance, and Experiencing the Fullness of Life, Living instead of Surviving

Dana Donofree
Feeling Beautiful In Your Own Skin After Surgery

Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, Board Certified Surgeon Plastics and Breast Reconstruction
A Lively Conversation Around Your Choices For Breast Reconstruction & Shared Decision-Making

Dr. Rache M. Simmons, Breast Surgeon at Weill Cornell Medicine 
and NewYork-Presbyterian
Surgical Advances And Options For Newly Diagnosed Women

Day 10: Wednesday | 13th August
Dr. Onyinye D. Balogun, Radiation Oncology,
 Weill Cornell Medicine Global Perspectives And Advancements
Radiation Oncology and Global Health Initiatives, Disparities Globally and Locally

Maimah Karmo
You Don't Need To Start Your Own Nonprofit To Have An Impact

Beth "VI" Peck
Project Koru Harnesses The Healing Power Of The Elements With The Determination Of The Human Spirit To Benefit Lives Affected By Cancer

Dr. Lisa Roth, 
Director Of The Adolescent And Young Adult Lymphoma Program, New York-Presbyterian & Weill Cornell Hospital
Discussion On How Perspectives Change When A Doctor Becomes A Patient

Dr. Aime Franco
Wearing Both Hats: Thyroid Cancer Survivor Discusses Her Research And Finding Her Voice Through Advocacy
Day 11: Friday | 15th August
Shira Shimoni
Follicular Lymphoma Patient Speaks About Language & Trigger Words

Ellen Friebert Schupper & Betsey Bryant
The Importance Of Emotional Support In Addition To Medical Treatment

Shala Nicely, LPC & Kimberley Quinlan, LMFT
How To Manage The Rise And Fall Of Anxiety

Mandy Gonzalez
Broadway Actress And Star of HAMILTON
Discusses What It Means To Be Fearless And Her International 
#FearlessSquad Movement

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